7 Instagram Reels Viral Tricks

7 Instagram Reels Viral Tricks

Reels are growing so fast nowadays, and so is the competition between the creators. It is challenging for a new creator to make his reel viral on Instagram. So for this purpose, we will share some Instagram viral reels tricks to becoming viral.

1: Always jump on a trend fast

You should know more about the trend on Instagram. So for this purpose, you should take a few minutes daily & scroll through what Instagram creators are sharing.

If you continuously see a song, a dance trend, or an audio clip, then you should scroll it and see what other creators are making of it to get a new idea and then try to make a reel on it.

2: Include Hashtags(#)

Using 4-5 Hashtags in your Reel can help the Instagram algorithm know more about your content.

For example, if you use #handbags, #bags, and #bagsaddict will indicate Reels algorithm that your content is about Bags and will most likely tell the user with the same type of intent.

3: Share your content in the feed

Sharing reels on your feed is one of the best ways to increase views and make it go viral. Keeping the above thing in mind, you should always choose to share your reels on your feed. Otherwise, you may miss a chance of going viral.

If you are concerned about destroying the aesthetic, You can use a reel cover image instead, so it blends with the rest of your content.

4: Always show consistency in your niche

If you choose a niche, you must stick to it and post related to it regularly, no matter how many views you get, because there are many people interested in that niche. Instagram has an algorithm related to it which means it will show your posts to the people interested in it.

If you do not have enough views, you should try to put a twist on your niche and try different things related to it.

5: Add music from the Instagram library

One of Instagram’s top recommendations for getting more users to see your Reel is to use music from the Instagram music library or produce your original audio.

Finding the right music for your video can be challenging, but Instagram has an extensive library for choosing a theme

To find a specific song, use the search bar or browse music that has been specially selected for you.

6: Include Closed Captions and On-Screen Text

Since 75% of Instagram videos are viewed silently, adding on-screen text and subtitles to your videos is a no-brainer if you want to expand your audience.

Additionally, subtitles are incredibly helpful for people with hearing problems and those who watch without sound.

Use the closed caption sticker on Instagram to add video subtitles.

“Captions” can be chosen by tapping the sticker icon.

The transcription of the audio may take a short while. Once survived, you can go back and edit the text to make sure everything is accurate.

7: Do not use the TikTok watermark

According to Instagram, recycled Reels from other apps are given lower priority, making it less likely that they will appear on the Instagram Explore Page or in the Reels tab.

In light of this, the best action is to produce content directly on Instagram and TikTok, even if you reuse the duplicate raw footage (from your Camera Roll) on both platforms.

If all else fails, you can try using a watermark removal app to remove the TikTok watermark from your video, but be aware that third-party programs can result in lower-than-ideal results.

These are some of the Instagram reels tricks that can make you go viral.