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Instagram reels is a popular feature of Instagram that allows user to create short videos. But to save them for later is a problem . For this We are here to provide you with a free and speedy tool known as Instagram reels downloader. We created this amazing tool so that you can download Instagram reels in the Highest and mp4 audio Quality on your Phone/Tablets, PC’s/ Laptops etc. So that you can watch them offline when ever you want. There is not any limit of downloading reels, You can countlessly download reels whenever you want.

The best feature of this tool is that you don’t need to provide any login credentials, and everything will be free for you. But one thing you need before using our Instagram reels downloader tool is that you must have a link to a reel that you want to download and paste the link in the downloader box. The tool will synchronize the link and create the video downloading link for you automatically. With the help of you Can also See the Instagram Stories privately.

Main features of Reels Downloader:

  • It is a speedy and free tool to download Instagram reels
  • This doesn’t require any login detail for downloading
  • No need to download any app
  • Download reels of High quality without any watermark

Instagram Reels

On August 5, 2020, Instagram launched its new Short video feature known as “Instagram Reels,” competing with TikTok. Instagram allows its users to record and share a short video of 15-20 seconds with some fantastic audio, Counter, Affects, Align, and many more.

You can also share your reels to your Feed with your followers, and if your account is private, only those members can see your reels who have followed you. If your account is public, then your rotation will be shared publically and will get more viewers.

What is Instagram Reels Downloader?

An Instagram Reels Downloader is a tool or software that allows users to download and save Instagram Reels videos onto their devices. Additionally, it enables users to save Reels content locally, so they can access and watch them offline. Moreover, they can share them with others or repurpose the videos for personal or professional use. The Instagram Reels Downloader simplifies the process of obtaining Reels videos and provides convenience for users who want to enjoy or utilize the content beyond the Instagram platform. Additionally, you can view Instagram Stories privately with the help of

How to Watch Instagram Reels?

Well, there are three ways through which you can watch reels on Instagram:

  • The first way is that you have to open the Instagram app. You will see a button at the bottom; clicking on it will take you reels and swipe down to see more reels.
  • Second way is to go to feed and see some pictures and videos until you find any reel. Once you find a reel, click the reel button at the bottom of the screen, it will take you to the reel. Now swipe down and enjoy reels!
  • Another way through which you can watch Instagram reels is that in explore you have to type reels and click on the #reels tag. You will see reels on your screen, now click and enjoy!.

How do I make Reels on Instagram?

Instagram allows its user to record and share a short video of 15 seconds, and if you record a video of more than 60 seconds, it will show you the time in the progress bar. Follow the steps properly If you want to record reels :

  1. Tap add or swipe right anywhere in Feed.
  2. Then at the top you will see a camera button , click on the camera button
  3. The camera interference will be open for you, having lots of options like adding a song, audio, etc.
  4. Now hit the color button to record the video. That’s it!
  5. Now the last step is to share in your Feed or your story.

How to use Instagram Reels Downloader?

Following steps will teach you how to download Instagram reels from our website. The steps are pretty straightforward, and you have to follow these steps:

  1. Copy the link to the reel which you want to download
  2. Go to to download reels
  3. Paste the link in the input box
  4. The reel downloader will sync and create a download box
  5. Now simply press the download button to start downloading. That’s it!

To copy the link, follow these steps:

  1. Open Instagram on your app or browser
  2. Choose the reel which you want to download
  3. Now you will see the button 3-dots ; click on this button a pop-up will appear; click on the copy link option.
  4. Congratulation! your link is copied.


Q1: Can I download private Instagram reels?
Answer: Yes, you can download private reels simply by copying the reel link and pasting it in the input box of
Q2: Is it legal to Download reels?
Answer: You can download the reel for Commercial purposes only; if you want to download it for some business purpose, you have to take rights from the owner.
Q3: Do I have to buy any membership to download reels?
Answer: No, you don’t have to buy any membership. It is free for you.
Q4: Where can I find my saved reel?
Answer: Your video is saved in your mobile’s gallery. In PC’s, you can find simply by pressing Ctrl+j.
Q5: Is there any limit to download?
Answer: No, there is not any limit to downloading videos; you can save countless videos.