8 Instagram Reels Ideas to post today

If you are making Instagram reels, it is essential to have good content, approach a wider audience, engage with your followers, or show your products to your followers. Here are some of the reels ideas that you can use to make your content more delightful:

1: Show the “Real side” of your Product/Brand 

In real life or on Instagram, when you build a large community, you should make your followers feel like your friends. You generally tell your friend everything, either good or bad. Similarly, it would help if you told your followers the good or bad sides of your brand.

It may include the “social media VS reality” or the time-lapse of you or your staff throughout the day. If you are not using this trick, this could be the moment to start.

2: Introduce Yourself 

One of the best techniques to build the trust of your followers is by introducing yourself. Tell them more about your life, your age, and the area where you are living. So it will gain you more fans and increase the brand authority. So make a short video, edit it to look better, and post it.

3: Show Behind the Scenes (BTS)

Pull the curtains and show your followers what is happening behind the scenes. Whether you are a make-up artist, a moviemaker, or an owner of a small business, creating a behind-the-scenes reel is effective!

Your followers are eager to know how you are shooting a scene or making your brand’s product.

So, next time when you are on a shoot, take some time and record a small video behind the scenes and post it on Instagram as a reel.

4: Show Before & After

Sharing a before and after video is very satisfying and exciting. It can help you to attract more followers. It is the best ingredient in the recipe of reels.

You can do before and after with recipes, home renovation, Haircutting, body transformation, and many more!

5: Highlight Your Product 

Although you cannot directly link your products to Instagram reels, you can display them in reels to highlight what you are selling. You can use the captions to inform your followers about what you’re up to. You can also use the caption to direct people to your bio, which contains links to your Instagram shop.

6: Jump on a trend 

Whenever you see a trend going on, this is the best time to jump on the trend so that more people can see your Instagram reels.

By scrolling on the explore page, you can know what other creators and brands are doing, which is the time to jump in. You can also make your trend and try to convince your followers to do it.

7: Share Tips & Tricks 

If you are just out of ideas, you can share tips and trips of your expertise. In this way, you can help your audience by sharing the information, whether you are sharing styling or outfits tips or editing tips and creative ideas.

You don’t need to elaborate on your tips; try to share only quick trips and ask your followers to comment on what they need next.

8: How to Videos  

How-to videos are mainly used nowadays on the short-videos platform. You can bake chocolate cookies, pasta, hundreds of more dishes, and other creative ideas here.

You don’t need to worry. There are many ways to increase the time duration to 30 seconds. If you have several ideas for how-to videos, this is great; write those ideas and then make a series. And always remember to add a pivotal point in the video and caption. This is the best reels ideas that you can use.

So these are some of the best reels ideas that can help you to gain more followers and audience after watching your reels. So next time when you are creating reels and you are out of ideas just follow some of the above ideas.