Top 10 Instagram Filters to use today

So you want to edit your photos and videos before posting them on Instagram to make them look attractive. There are so many editing apps and software that provide you with filters and effects to edit your photo, but Instagram filters are still the best among them.

Instagram filters provide you with one of the best filters and effects. And in seconds, you can edit the picture and post it on Instagram. We have selected some of the unique filters that you can use to edit your images:

1: Sienna from suziebonaldi

A filter with some fantastic effects that can make your picture look more prominent. You can use this filter to post stories on Instagram. So, whenever you want to try a glossy filter, this can be your best choice.

2: Shine bright from kottovo

The name of it is clear that it gives a bright shine to your photo so that you can look brighter. You can use this filter when the light is dull, and this will make your face brighter with some bright colors.

3: Boho Filters from janmahavan

There are so many boho filters available on Instagram with this effect, but this is one of the best. It has some glittering effects and looks natural as well. You can use these for your everyday stories.

4: Sun Kisses from lunicamino

This filter has the effect of direct sunlight falling on your face, making your face sparkling. You can use this filter to take your selfies even if there is not much light. You can also glow your face.

5: Grain from exclusive_vainakh

This is a vintage Instagram filter with aesthetic vibes and some brown marks. It does not have dust on it, although it has some grains. So it makes your Instagram story photo or video look old.

6: Cream from ya.moli

This filter is very natural in looking. With its name it is clear that it has some creamy effect in it which makes the photo look more aesthetic and vintage. It also as has brownish touch which spice up the picture more.

7: CAMCORDER from janmahavan

Camcorder has a beautiful effect in such a way that it gives you a vibe like you are recording a video from a filming camera. There are many camcorder filters, but this is the best one because it is pretty straightforward and classic.

8: RetroCam Kodak from paigepiskin

It is one of the most famous story filters on Instagram. It has beautiful, clean, and retro effects, best for posting stories on Instagram. It also has some dust in it, which creates a highlighted effect.

9: Coffee from karlaabraovac

Coffee is a very aesthetic filter with a blackish theme. If It is summer or you are on a beach, you can use this filter to create your Instagram filter popular. You can find many coffee filters on Instagram, but this one is one of the brightest among them.

10: hazel mood from sasha_soul_art

Another filter that you can use for vivid photos to post on Instagram. It makes your screen tanned and orange. It is appropriately used for stories on Instagram.

All of these filters are the best ones we have selected for you. You can use these filters to make your Instagram stories more stunning.